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From sailing between volcanic islands to dinners under the stars. From encounters with dolphins to unforgettable sunsets.

Let's go to discover new emotions.

From sailing between volcanic islands to dinners under the stars. From encounters with dolphins to unforgettable sunsets.

Let's go to discover new emotions.


Aeolian Islands Cruise

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To request more information send us a request to:

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6pm on Saturday / 6pm on Friday following week, overnight stay on board


Whole week

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Use of the vessel and equipment

They are the summer islands to be experienced by sailing between landing places and coves, making new friends, tasting intense flavors and enjoying every moment: we are in the Aeolian Islands.
A perfect mix of life on board, relaxation, fun and exploration on a cruise that will fill you with good mood.
Let's get to know the seven sisters of wind and fire, considering that the itinerary will always vary based on the weather (especially direction and intensity of the wind)

Not included:

Galley, Moorings, Extras, Diesel


Rental of the entire boat or cabin charter



If your first port of call is the bay of Gelso, you will find yourself in front of a wonderful black beach dominated by a very suggestive lighthouse and from which it is possible to admire the Sicilian coast up to Etna. The sea that bathes it is blue, clear and transparent.

Another anchorage is at Baia di Ponente, at the black sands, where you can easily get off with the tender and walk towards the town.
Here everything will remind you that you are walking on an active volcano: from the bright colors to the sulphurous smells... truly a special experience!
An unmissable swim is at the Grotta del Cavallo, located in the western part of the island of Vulcano, it is in a rocky cove, where the reflections of the sun's rays and the shape of the seabed give the sea light colors ranging from green to turquoise . It is called Horse Cave because the boulder at the end of the cave seems to resemble a horse's head; just adjacent to its entrance we find the Venus Pool, where tuff and basalt rocks surround us during our exploration with mask and snorkel.
If you want to keep fit with a bit of trekking and admire a natural spectacle at the same time, I recommend you go up to the Gran Cratere la Fossa and Vulcanello with a wonderful view of Lipari.


We hoist the sails to reach Stromboli, where the volcano offers a unique spectacle in the world!
On summer nights the Sciara del Fuoco becomes a stage of dark sand on which incandescent boulders erupted by the volcano roll and the lava often reaches the sea. The most beautiful beaches are in San Vincenzo, Pisicità, Fico Grande and Scari. The conical shape of the island means that it is entirely exposed to the winds, without shelter, you can think of mooring at the buoy field in Ficogrande for greater safety.
One mile to the north lies an islet, Strombolicchio, a paradise for sailors and divers due to its particular charm. At the top of two hundred steps partly dug into the rock there is a beautiful but somewhat abandoned lighthouse from which you can admire the panoramic view of the Aeolian Islands.
Ginostra is an enchanting village that seems like a poem among the waters of the sea, a place without roads passable by car, which can only be accessed by sea and through the smallest port in the world.


If you want to see dolphins and sea turtles during your sailing cruise, head towards Filicudi, there will be many opportunities for sightings en route to this fantastic island!
His aperitifs in Pecorini, between Malvasia and local delicacies to be enjoyed at sunset, are so beautiful and fun that they are now an unmissable event for the crews who sail the Aeolian sea in the summer!
The uncontaminated flora and fauna and the wonderful beaches of Capo Graziano will be the ideal setting to relax during the day between snorkelling, SUP paddling and sunbathing.
If you are lucky with the weather (you only go in perfect marine weather conditions), you will go to visit the Canna, a 70 meter stack that rises from the sea to the west of the island. Diving into the seabed around the Canna it is possible to encounter many fish and lobsters.


The canal between Vulcano and Lipari, the "Bocche di Vulcano" is particularly evocative, we like to pass by boat between the two stacks: Pietra Lunga and Pietra Menalda which always welcome us.
Lipari is the largest and most populated island of the Aeolian Islands: dotted with picturesque streets, restaurants, bars (the desserts are delicious!) and small craft shops that develop between Marina Corta and Marina Lungo, it becomes a destination where you can indulge in walks, to shopping and dinners with the crew. Here we also find the only true port of all the Aeolian Islands: Pignataro
Where to bathe? Obviously in the north east of the island: the pumice resulting from the extraction and processing of the stone in a now abandoned quarry has accumulated in very fine white sand, giving the sea the transparency and color of a natural swimming pool.
The west coast of the island is wilder and more impervious. Here we find the Valle Muria Bay, dominated by high cliffs which take on enchanting pink colors at sunset.


Alicudi is a wild island, not easy to reach, but if you are lucky enough to discover it, it will be a huge gift: life still flows slowly among the colorful fishermen's boats offering very fresh fish. The colors are those of the Mediterranean and the shapes of the terraces. This island has fascinated many foreigners who have made it their home, far from the noise of the world, in search of the true essence of nature.


Salina has a thousand scenarios, loved by naturalists, has gentle slopes in the greenery and a 360 degree view of the sister islands.
Sailing east we find S. Marina di Salina, the most important landing place and main town on the island; you can anchor in the harbor and go down with the tender to land: the first thing to do is enjoy a granita and realize that you have forgotten your flip-flops on the boat (if this happens to you it means that you are really on holiday... with your head and body).
During the day you can visit Lingua, where it is a must to taste a culinary specialty: the Aeolian crostone (a form of crunchy bread super seasoned with delicious capers, cherry tomatoes, salted ricotta).
Another beautiful anchorage, still little frequented, is Rinella, in good weather conditions you can spend the night under the stars to set sail towards Pollara upon awakening.
At the north-western end of the island of Salina, there is in fact one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian Islands; Pollara is a small wonder protected by steep sheer walls, those of the crater of a now extinct volcano. The large Faraglione is surrounded by shallows, access to the bay is exclusively from the north side.


Panarea is itself a small volcanic archipelago, and would deserve a stop of a few days to explore it all.
From the white houses edged with bougainvillea and hibiscus in the village of San Pietro, which lights up with nightlife at night, you can see the islets that frame it: Basiluzzo, Dattilo, Bottaro, Lisca bianca, Lisca nera, le Formiche.
Cala Milazzese is the first bay you reach by sailing from Salina towards the NE. A dive and two strokes will be enough to get to Cala Junco, a natural amphitheater with wonderful colors of the water from intense blue to emerald green. Snorkelling in this area is exciting, you can see lots of fish, urchins and colorful sponges along the submerged rocks.
Just as it is a great thrill to snorkel in Basiluzzo, very early in the morning when the water is clear and transparent and you can cross natural arches and discover underwater caves.
At Lisca Bianca the bubbles under water are a true natural hydromassage due to the escape of volcanic gases from the crust. A SUP (stand up paddle) ride between the islets of Dattilo and Lisca Bianca will make you feel like true explorers.

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